Photos Courtesy of Christina Hundley

About Us

Chanté Owens is President of Operations for Chicks That Trip™. Prior to launching Chicks That Trip™ in 2008 with her business partner, Dawnielle Balli, Chanté has worked in the Insurance industry for over ten years and in other banking and customer service industries over the past twenty years. Throughout her working career, she has been privileged to have traveled for both work and pleasure worldwide. She loves the experience of traveling and feels that whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, it is an opportunity to see the sights and sounds of a place you’ve never been before, and should not simply be a way to “check the box,” to say you’ve been, but to actually savor and enjoy a new adventure whether it be Boise, Idaho or Paris, France. Chanté realizes that there are a myriad of issues surrounding the world of travel today, and she understands the uncertainty of traveling to a new place and some of the frustrations that can take place. Given her prior work in the insurance industry, she knows very well that in this day and age, travel is not only a luxury, but is rapidly becoming a necessity in this ever changing global marketplace.

Dawnielle Balli is President of Sales and Marketing for Chicks That Trip™. Dawnielle has a wide range of Print and Marketing experience spanningover 20 years, in areas such as Commercial Printing, Marketing, Business Development and Event Planning. She has worked extensively with many Advertising Agencies bringing her exceptional expertise to many national campaigns with a powerful blend of strategic and hands-on product knowledge. Dawnielle’s unique opportunity to travel both Domestically and Internationally has given her a passion for travel, as well as a sublime gift of personalization and maximizing travel experiences. She has an adoration for art, cuisine, wine and different genres of music. Whether it’s live music with local musicians, a local favorite restaurant, art gallery openings or wine tastings at vineyards she experiences it all, wherever her travels take her both domestic and international.

Dawnielle has also been very active in the communities where she has lived in and with related work associations. Her involvement includes the Printing Industries of Gulf Coast PIGF, Printing Industries of Arizona PIAZ, Phoenix Advertising Club (PAC), Arizona Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AHCC) and the Chicago Latino Business Networking Group.